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Using your design ideas, the professionals at Modern Landscape Construction Inc. will transform your property's outdoor space into something you'll be proud of. Our team is comprised of expert technicians as well as landscape design specialists that will work together seamlessly to realize your vision.

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Proudly delivering the finest landscaping in Oceanside.

When you want a landscape that stands out from the crowd, then only Modern Landscape Construction Inc. will do. With countless flawlessly-completed projects under our belts, we've helped many Oceanside property owners turn their outdoor space from ideas into reality.

Modern Landscape Construction Inc. is dedicated to the concept of quality outdoor space creation and maintenance at affordable prices. Working in both the residential and commercial sectors, our goal is always the same - to deliver landscaping services that exceed our clients' expectations.

Your customized outdoor space is just a phone call away - call Modern Landscape Construction Inc. at 951-264-2600 to discuss your project details.

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A Wide Range of Services

Top level landscaping involves many different aspects and we do them all, from design to execution to maintenance. Our main landscaping services are to the below

It's only natural to want a beautiful outdoor space. However, the truth is that creating an attractive lawn or green area filled with grass and exotic plants in Oceanside can be costly. In addition to increased monthly water bills and constant maintenance, you also have to deal with droughts that put your investment at risk. With xeriscaping by Modern Landscape Construction Inc., you have the best of both worlds.

Most people think that xeriscape translates to an ugly yard with nothing but gravel and cacti, but that's not the case. When Modern Landscape Construction Inc. designs and installs your xeriscaped yard in Oceanside, we use our vast knowledge of drought-tolerant and water-conserving plants to create a gorgeous and fully functional outdoor area that exceeds your every expectation.

Modern Landscape Construction Inc. can start from the ground up with a new xeriscape design or can complete a conversion from your current water-hungry yard to one that requires far less maintenance. Our work will lower your monthly water bill, reduce or even eliminate your need for unnatural fertilizers, and give you a xeriscape outdoor area that you’ll enjoy every single day of the year.

Learn more about xeriscaping in Oceanside by calling us at 951-264-2600. Modern Landscape Construction Inc. is ready to take your project and make it a complete success!

We may live in a desert climate here in Oceanside, but that doesn't mean your outdoor area has to be only rocks and sand. At Modern Landscape Construction Inc., we’re experienced and talented landscapers that know how to bring the real beauty of the desert to your home or business's outdoor area. A quick look at our online gallery will show you that our desertscapes are anything but boring.

On a new Oceanside desertscape job, we'll start with a detailed design process that includes both natural plants as well as hardscaping creations. Our goal is to build a beautiful space that shares similarities with the desert that surrounds us while still giving you a unique, tailored appearance that feels warm and inviting. Modern Landscape Construction Inc. desertscapes are available for both functional and decorative purposes.

The primary benefits of desertscaping in Oceanside is that it saves you both time and money. For the former, the amount of maintenance is as near to nonexistent as possible. And with putting dollars back in your wallet, Modern Landscape Construction Inc. creations require little to no watering, thus giving you a lower utility bill every month.

Step up to a new, beautiful desertscape in Oceanside. Call Modern Landscape Construction Inc. at 951-264-2600 today!

Artificial turf in Oceanside has changed a lot in the past years. Gone are the days when you could spot artificial grass from a mile away and when the difference between real and synthetic was like night and day. Modern artificial turf installation by Modern Landscape Construction Inc. delivers a year-round landscape that's comfortable, attractive, and without any of the high costs or maintenance of regular grass.

While many of our commercial clients choose artificial turf for golf courses, sports fields, and retail spaces, the truth is that it works for home uses as well. Artificial turf installations by Modern Landscape Construction Inc. can be found in and around countless Oceanside homes, from creating a functional outdoor space to being the perfect material for a rooftop terrace or pool area.

Regardless of what you'll be using it for, one thing is sure – the quality of artificial turf you get from Modern Landscape Construction Inc. is excellent. We use only top shelf producers that manufacture environmentally-friendly and long-lasting turf. Your Oceanside landscape won't just look amazing today – it'll keep that like-new appearance for years to come.

Call 951-264-2600 and let Modern Landscape Construction Inc. explain why artificial turf in Oceanside makes perfect sense.

Nearly all Oceanside property owners have visions of a perfectly manicured outdoor space, but turning ideas into reality is a different matter. Modern Landscape Construction Inc. knows how to take these ideas, improve them, and create a unique outdoor space that makes you proud of your property. Our thorough approach will ensure that no detail is overlooked and that the final product is complete in every way.

Most people think of landscape design as being simply an exercise in choosing which plants go where, but the truth is that top firms understand there is much more to the process. A Modern Landscape Construction Inc. landscape design starts with plant selection and placement but will also include factors like patio design, entertainment area planning, and a maintenance schedule that will keep the space looking great.

At Modern Landscape Construction Inc., we always focus on functionality first-maximizing the usable space and presenting an attractive appearance at the same time. Our designs can be found throughout the city and many of the top outdoor spaces are created by us.

For landscape design that elevates your Oceanside property to a living work of art, call Modern Landscape Construction Inc. at 951-264-2600.

Landscaping design and maintenance may get the most attention, but simple touches like the right lighting and irrigation are what can boost a Oceanside outdoor space from being good to extraordinary. If you want your property to be the latter, then Modern Landscape Construction Inc. has a wealth of lighting and irrigation services on offer.

Modern Landscape Construction Inc. irrigation services may fly under the radar, but they are one of the key concepts in many impressive Oceanside yards. Including tasks such as sprinkler installation and building drainage channels, these services ensure that your plants are getting the right amount of water and prevent unsightly spots that can happen on dry or overly wet areas.

As a complete landscaping services provider, Modern Landscape Construction Inc. can do much more than just mow the grass. In Oceanside, our hardscaping work is starting to draw more and more attention from clients looking to upgrade the function of their property. Eschewing the ragged older look, our team completes patios, driveways, retaining walls, and more that not only work-they look great as well.

Done wrong, hardscaping can be a severe eyesore and can detract heavily from both the appearance and usage of your space. At Modern Landscape Construction Inc., our team has been working with pavers, wood, stone, and more and we're proud of our ability to build from a wide range of materials. Regardless of the material we're using, you can rest assured that it will be high quality and stand the test of time.

In planning out the hardscaping job to be done, whether it's a water fountain or a gazebo, we'll show you examples of our previous work as well as discuss the pros and cons of each material and style. Unlike other hardscaping firms in Oceanside that use prefab plans, the majority of our work is custom created on a case by case basis.

Your Oceanside property's hardscaping doesn't have to be drab-call Modern Landscape Construction Inc. at 951-264-2600 for an elegant hardscaping solution.


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“Overall the installation process went quite smoothly and happened quite quickly. I am satisfied with my decision to go with Forever Green Turf. Thanks."

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“So far I have been very satisfied with the new turf that has been installed at our home. It looks great and I love the low maintenance."

Mary Henderson - Oceanside

“At friend suggested I replace my yard with synthetic grass in order to help reduce my overall water useage to help out with the California drought. At first I wasn’t that enthusiastic, but I am happy I gave it a chance. I’ve been able to see my water usage drop dramatically since I no longer have to worry about watering my lawn.”

Patrick Boden - San Diego

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